04 things that keep me up at night

A digital publication on the internal monologue of a restless mind

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The concept of cognitive dissonance is one that is familiar to someone who has had a sleepless night. This publication is an experimental take on the internal dialogue of someone who has experienced this. The result is an interactive EPUB that immerses the reader into the headspace of dissonance.

Design Components

Typography and color scheme

Typography and color scheme


Publication flatplan

Publication flatplan


Art used in publication

Art featured in the publication


Poem featured in the publication

Experimental Techniques

Image of scanning technique in action

The scanning technique in action

I used a technique where I would place a cutout of the word/s on top of the scanner and move the cutout along as it was scanned. Depending on what the movement is, it can stretch, duplicate and create wave effects with the type.

Step by step evolution of typography manipulation

Step by step evolution of typography manipulation

Using the scans of various words in the book, I created GIFS to add a layer of interactivity to the EPUB, taking inspiration from glitch typography. This would reinforce the feeling of cognitive dissonance within the book.

and louder gif but gif chaotic gif

Sample of the use of GIFs as an experimental technique

Sound Incorporation

The incorporation of Binaural Beats within the publication reinforces the “need to sleep”. As the reader progresses in the publication, the binaural beats go slower and slower, until it fades out in the end to mimic falling asleep at last.

Disclaimer: I do not own the audio used in this publication.

This publication uses this sound from freesound: “Kalium-Arsenicum 5 Min Version binaural” by the_very_Real_Horst


Ink drawings for navigation used in publication

Samples of different buttons I created with ink to be used in the EPUB as navigation materials, as well as pause and play buttons for sound.

Final Outcome

Page 1 of the final EPUB Page 2 of the final EPUB Page 3 of the final EPUB Page 4 of the final EPUB Page 5 of the final EPUB Page 6 of the final EPUB Page 7 of the final EPUB Page 8 of the final EPUB